Moments of Zen

So, since last week I have spent a lot of time decluttering and tidying up our bedroom.

I have to admit I am somewhat sort of a (tiny bit) hoarder myself. I love things. Small ones, big ones, cute ones, ugly ones… just things. Sometimes I don’t notice and forget that I have some things that I have bought and got hidden inside a closet, a drawer or a cabinet. And yes I admit I am one messy type of person sometimes. I’m quite good at stuffing closets thinking that I have actually organised and tidied up.

Our bedroom became so cluttered with things that doesn’t we haven’t used for years. They were just there getting dusty. I couldn’t sleep well because of the stress thinking of all the things that are around me when I go to bed. And the dust that kicks my allergies to the extreme at night.

So I decided to give the bedroom a makeover, and by golly, what a big relief it was.


Now it’s all clean, crisp and clutter free.

Before, I had piles and piles of things around. In every corner of the room are bits and bobs that I have collected for a very long time. There were hats, some dirty clothes, bath robes, jewelries/accessories that I haven’t used for a while, bags hanging everywhere and  things that I actually don’t need anymore.

So I sorted things out and disposed quite a lot. But I kept a few favourite pieces.


I also started rearranging and organising my closet. I have started with some pieces. These are my t-shirts. Before this was overflowing with shirts that I barely use. Now, it’s just a few and I am considering cutting this in half in a couple of months. I have too much clothes that I don’t use anymore so there is no point keeping them.



This is my nightstand now. All tidy and clean. With just my CPAP machine (yes, I use this because I have trouble sleeping sometimes) and my kindle and a book.

My favourite scented candle and perfume. And of course a dreamcatcher to save all my beautiful fun dreams from now on.


Now I can sleep well in our bedroom. There are still things to be organised and disposed but I’ll do it a little at a time. For now, I am happy how this turned out.

I can now have that moment of zen whenever I go inside this room. I feel light, breezy, happy and relaxed.



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