New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year!!! It’s here! The year 2018. And here we go again with our new years resolutions. Here I go again with my new year, new me.

I have to admit, that the past few years I have actually not been improving myself. I feel bad, as usual. I keep on breaking my promises to myself. I know, I know.. they say promises are made to be broken. But this promises that I actually break are the promises that I made to myself to make myself better. It’s not a promise to anybody else. Those promises I made were for ME! And I keep on disappointing myself.

The year 2017 didn’t work out as planned. The aftershocks of the year 2016 followed me. It was actually a big ball of difficult for Sugarboy. But I am so glad that I carried on. I’m so glad that I still have the lust. The lust for life, family, friends, being creative and even just the small things. I learned to appreciate more. I managed to keep a smile on my face until the end of the year. Not bad eh?! 🙂

I am happy with some of the things that happened to me too. Although not much, because of my illness (which I actually don’t want to think and talk about anymore), I still am glad for 2017. I learned things and opened my eyes to new ideas and possibilities. I (re) learned (refreshed) some skills like painting, illustration, calligraphy and graphic arts.

There were also things that I am thankful for and happy about the year 2017. Well, a lot I guess. I probably was just not paying close attention to the small things.

I was happy for the times that I have spent with our cat at home when I was on a long sick leave from work. The skills I have learned making new sugar flowers. The time I sat down on a park bench one autumn day, sharing the crumbs of my sandwich with the tiny little birds who sat beside me. And the time The Mister and I had a long walk on the first snowfall of winter.

This year I have plans. Yes! New plans.



Plan C: If plan B doesn’t work, go back to plan A.

No more excuses.

Why? Because I want to prove to myself that by the age of 40 (Oh God! It made me cringe a bit while I was typing that number) that I have been good this year 2018. I am excited to moving forward, learning more and forgetting the past.

And if I, for some reason gets lost again in the waves of confusion and overwhelm, I have to hit myself in the head and say “KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!”

New Year, New Me?! YES!

Let’s leave it to that. For now.



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