Things to be happy about

I bought a book in Prague when we went there two weeks ago. The book is called “14,000 things to be happy about” by Barbara Ann Kipfer. And whenever I open the book, to any page where my fingers land on, It makes me smile when I read the lines. As the book was described, it is in fact a quirky, compulsive, enchanting list of all the little things that makes us happy.

For example on page 257, the ones I like are the lines that says, “a tribe of goldfish flicking their tails”, “kisses: love’s punctuation mark”, “the playground of life”, “snowflakes twirling through the treetops” and “a bathroom with mirrored walls,scented soaps, and great fluffy towels”. Oh how I smile while reading those. I love all of those, especially the great fluffy towels.

Then I get to thinking the other day when I came home from work. When I walked inside the apartment, after a small nudge of greeting on my leg by our cat, I walked into the living room filled with daylight coming from the big window, I saw the vase of pretty roses blooming on top of our marble coffee table, my favourite collection of throw pillows with their soft dusty rose pink coloured covers on top of the gray sofa; they made me smile. It was a very cold and freezing winter day but seeing those things inside suddenly gave me a warm comforting feeling.

As I was sitting there in the living room, I also thought about how often I forget the small little things I sometimes take for granted that actually deserves a little more attention. I consider myself a mindful person. As an artist I see the small little details in small little things. And I really enjoy and appreciate them. I like that they give me reasons to smile and be happy.

I also realised how my cat print tights (YES! I actually have one that I use when I am home and lounging around; don’t judge. hahaha) and my pink wool socks makes me happy.

I sat there appreciating everything around me. The sound of silence, looking at the snow covered ground from the window, my cats whiskers, how every piece of sequin was sewn on the pillows beside me, the dust building up under the coffee table, the flickering bulb from the kitchen lamp that needs to be changed, the book that I had in my hand… I can go on. It was a blissful short moment. I sat there until the Mister came home and I then I had to start preparing dinner.

There are a lot of things around us that makes (can make) us happy. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes more and appreciate the small things around us. And then we realise and tell ourselves (with the forefinger and thumb under the chin, with a little cheeky smile) “hmmm… yeah… that actually  make (made) me happy.

One thing is for sure… My cat tights makes me REEEEAAALLLYYY happy every time I wear it.

So what made you happy today?

Tell me…



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