Lazy Easter

It’s been more than a week now since Easter passed. It wasn’t very easy going back to work after the easter holiday. After a few days of relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, I felt like I started going back to the gym and working out again. It was hard. I’m telling you.

We spent our Easter holiday, like I said, doing absolutely nothing. We stayed home most of the time. I decorated some Easter eggs, decorated the apartment, made some really nice brunches and dinners, we went our for walks, went to church, binged watched movies and series’ and ate lots and lots of candies. We were so lazy. Of course we enjoyed it very much. It was 5 and a half days of free from work. We decided to stay here in Oslo and not travel since we are saving up for our travel to Manila this coming Christmas.

It wasn’t so bad staying in the city for Easter. Most of the people were either up in the mountains skiing or travelled somewhere outside the country. The weather was really nice too. A little bit cold but very sunny.

Anyways, I’m sharing some photographs I took here at home.


And below are my perfect Easter eggs. They were so much fun to make/decorate and I was totally in love with them.

As you can see, I am in this phase of obsessing with the dusty rose colour. I think it’ really pretty.

Anyways, indeed it was a lazy Easter for us. I wonder when’s the next holiday when we can do absolutely nothing again. 🙂





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